Pangkor Island,Perak.

It was a fine day to travel. So I and my husband decided to go for a short vacation in Pangkor Island. In order for us to make it as a backpack vacation, we decided to invite my sister and my brother-in-law. Luckily they agreed because it is kind of last-minute arrangement. Earlier that day, we took a bus from Jalan Duta at 8.30am and arrived in Lumut around 1.30pm. What a bumpy ride we had that day.

Lumut Jetty.
Lumut Jetty.

On our way to Lumut Jetty, there’s one guy who approached us and offer us a place to stay while in Pangkor Island. At first we were so confused since the offer was a good deal. He invited us to come to his office, and we agreed. For sure we were scared of scam, but after a long discussion and investigation using our friend which is Mr.Google we accepted the offer. Hopefully the deal that we got in our hands is genuine, if not we’re going to be in the deepest trouble.

The beach.
The beach.

After we settle our accommodation, we walked to the ferry counter and purchased our tickets. Remember not to throw away your tickets because the one that they will ask you to buy is a return ticket. If you lost it, you can get a new one, not that expensive for sure. But, for a backpackers like us every dime count and important. The journey took about 45 minutes. Finally we arrived. At the main entrance of Pangkor Jetty, you’ll find a lot of locals will offer you a ride or to rent their bike. We decided to take the pink mini van which is much cheaper. On our way to the chalet we felt uneasy because we’re scared that the offer that we got earlier is just a scam. So, we arrived in front of the chalet, showed the receptionist our receipt, and boom…!!! It was a genuine deal. That feeling…it was so great and thankful.

Pangkor Island hoping.
Pangkor Island hoping.

We got our keys and ran off to our room, and the room was very clean, neat and comfortable. Bathroom is okay, and the bed is nice. The air-condition cool enough but the TV didn’t work so well, but who watch TV while on a vacation right? We took a nap, and rent a bike at our chalet. Cheaper than the one that they offer during our arrival at Pangkor Jetty. We rent just 1 bike and we took turn to use it. Beside Pangkor Island is not that big. We visited a few places such as, The Dutch Fort, Batu Bersurat, village and pass by a big Buddha Temple. After 3 hours we went back to the chalet, it’s time for my sister and my brother-in-law to use the bike. While they away, we took a stroll along the beach and we got another good deal for island hoping plus snorkelling and we booked it for tomorrow.

Island hoping .
Island hoping .

The day was getting dark and about to rain. I bet tomorrow water won’t be as clear as before. But who cares since the main intention was just to get away from the busiest city life and relax. After 8.00pm we went out for a seafood dinner. It was delicious, affordable and the localization is just not far away from a “Surau”. If I’m not mistaken his name start from “Haji….” Just ask around if you can’t find his shop, I’m sure everyone knows each other in that small island. After having dinner, we took a stroll along the road and at night the roadside will turn out to be a night market. I bought a pants and few key chain, because wherever I go key chain is the most important thing that I will buy. I just love to collect it.

Dutch Fortress In Pangkor Island.
Dutch Fortress In Pangkor Island.

The next day we go for a snorkelling trip and island hoping. We did about 3-4 islands and finally the boatman left us on a sandy white beach at Coral Beach Island. Not that far from our chalet since I can spot our chalet from here. We spent about 2 hours, snorkelling and so-called sun bathing, which I don’t really like because it is hot and burning out there. After hours of snorkelling and playing in the water, we felt extremely exhausted. We called up our boatman to fetch us from the mainland and it just took him about 10 minutes to reach us. Off to mainland and continue to play with the big wave by the shore even though everybody was tired. It is so much fun seeing everyone being washed and swirled by the big wave, when they tried to be a mannequin in the middle of the rough sea. Ouch, I bet it must hurt a bunch. I decided to go back to the room since it’s going to rain soon. Just about few steps, I can felt the rain drop on me.

Pangkor Island Town
Pangkor Island Town

Now that everyone is back, we planned for our dinner. It rains heavily outside and we hope that it will stop by the time we wanted to get our dinner. After a few hours the rains at last stop. Everyone was real happy and tonight we decided to have mixed rice, because the night before we had a full of seafood. After dinner, again we took a saunter at the roadside night market and extra purchased key chain and T-shirt for souvenirs. This was our last night on Pangkor Island and we wanted to expend our time wisely. Then we took a walk by the beach side at night and enjoyed the gentle wind and the sound of the wave. It felt relaxing from the chaos city lives that we had all this while. Close to 11.00pm we’re back to our chalet and continue our chatting at our small yet comforting balcony. It is almost 1.00am and we felt sleepy, so everyone back to own room and sleep. Tomorrow we need to wake up a bit early since we hadn’t packed our things.

The Coral Island
The Coral Island

 Woke up about 8.00am having our “Nasi Lemak” breakfast at a nearby “Warung”  which taste so good and back to our chalet around 9.00am to pack things. The men continue playing at the beach while I and my sister took our things and make sure nothing left behind. Everything set up and we off to the beach and join them before we crack out. Around 11.30am we cleaned and get along a final checked around our room just in case there’s something that we left behind because we’re kind of clumsy sometimes. We managed to get the pink mini van to get us to the jetty. By the time we arrived, the ferry just about to take off. Luckily we’re on time and make it. After reached Pangkor Jetty, we look for a nearby restaurant for a lunch break. After lunch we do a little junk food shopping and everything looks delicious. Around 3.00pm we departed to Kuala Lumpur by bus. It was such a fun holiday although it is just a short vacation. Below are the budgets that we spent during our short vacation. Hope you guys find this article useful just in case you wanted to go for Pangkor Island. See you again in my next article.

XOXO BackpackersBudget

 Pangkor Island Budget Per Person.

  1. Return bus tickets ( KL – Lumut – KL ) RM47.00
  2. Nipah Waterfront Chalet ( 3D2N ) RM45.00
  3. Return tickets ferry ( Lumut – Pangkor – Lumut ) RM10.00
  4. Island Hoping Package + Snorkelling RM25.00
  5. Seafood Dinner RM15.00
  6. Dinner + Breakfast RM25.00
  7. Pink Mini Van RM6.00
  8. Motorbike Rental RM6.00
  9. Souvenirs RM5.00
  10. Junk Food RM5.00
  11. Lunch RM6.00
  12. ETC.. RM5.00



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